Academic Advice

Unfortunately, we are unable to support students with cases at the moment.

The SU is currently working to secure funding for a professional advice service to support students with such situations, but so far we've not been able to make that happen – we’ll keep students updated about this and let you know how you can support us in getting this funded.

In the meantime, our study smart site ( has information which you might find helpful to refer to or you can also contact the Helpzone ( who are able to give you information on how processes and procedures take place here at UoG.

Please note that these web pages only provide general guidance on academic support and University policy. It should not be regarded or relied upon as a complete or authoritative statement of University policy or procedures.

Handy hints:

  • ENJOY IT! They will be the quickest years of your life
  • Go to assignment writing workshops, “once you get your essay writing sorted it’ll make second and third year so much easier”
  • During lectures, take notes and don’t rely on Moodle. It will help make the information more memorable (not all lecturers put the information on Moodle)
  • Ask Questions! Challenge your lecturers and learn more
  • Set up meetings with your tutors and get feedback, discussion and tips on how to progress your work. “Go to your tutor with your ideas and you will get better, more personal feedback”
  • Join or create an academic society
  • Talk to your Course Reps – giving your feedback on the course you do can help improve your academic experience and success!
  • Write down all your assignment deadlines and know when they are
  • Don’t forget: everyone needs to rest and socialise so why not do it through sport!
  • Organise your time effectively
  • Go to your lectures and be sure not to miss out on the important stuff

Check out our #studysmart campaign here!

or call

01242 71 4370

01242 71 4360