About Your Union

The charity for improving the lives of students at UoG.

The Students’ Union is a completely separate organisation from the University but they give us about a third of our total turnover of £1,000,000.The rest of our income is made up from ticket sales, membership fees, advertising and anything else we can do to generate money. Any surplus we make is ploughed back in to SU services.
We are run by a group of permanent staff as well as part-time officers (current students) and paid full-time officers (students who have been elected and who take a year out to work for us). As we are a charity we also have a Board of Trustees, which is a combination of students, the full-time officers and external experts who check our finances and that we are doing what we are supposed to.

The SU has two main aims – to represent students and to provide services that make life easier and more fulfilling & enjoyable for every single student at UoG.

We represent students by sitting on University committees as well as local resident and council meetings. Our main aim is to make sure students get quality teaching and learning so we run the course rep system as well as campus life and student life meetings with the University to provide student feedback. Democracy is at our core and we actively campaign on issues that are relevant to students.

The services we run include volunteering, societies, sports clubs, Welcome Week, student media (such as Tone), jobshop, and we also promote weekly nightclub events. We employ student staff where at all possible and are working hard to ensure that the Uni do the same. We also have ownership of all of the campus bar SU spaces, so we work to hold various events in these spaces. Any student or staff member can also book out the space on our booking system here!

Our aim for the next year is to better communicate what we currently do for our members as well as make more money so we can do more. We have also written our new strategy so we can make sure that we are doing what our members want us to.

Feel free to contact our officers if you would like more information.