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Your Course, Your Choice, Your Voice


Each year of each course has at least one Course Rep. Course Reps are the key link between students and staff on their course. They seek out students' views and represent them at meetings with their course leader, work in partnership with staff to improve their course and resolve any course-related issues as they arise throughout the year. Course Reps work closely with the Students' Union to campaign for change and make things better for students.

It is a fantastic opportunity to represent the views of your peers and help shape your education!

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Role & Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities
1. Be present, visible and accessible to students on your course (e.g.
grabbing them 5 minutes before or after a lecture and asking how
things are going)
2. Communicate regularly with your SSC
3. Meet with your ACL three times a year (make sure you request a
report beforehand)
4. Fill out Voice It and report back the changes to
your course.
5. Attend Course Development meetings asking for the Voice It report beforehand
6. Signpost students to support services .



There may be times when students come to you with very individual issues, such as an academic breach (which may be plagiarism), allegations of harassment, feeling homesick or being bullied. As a course rep, we do not expect you to deal with these situations as they are out of your role description. We have dedicated services to help students in these positions. Therefore, if you do find yourself in a situation like this, we ask that you signpost these students to relevant support services.Voice It is a tool to collect anonymous student feedback about all aspects of university life. Feedback is analysed and reports are sent to course reps (when requested) for their meetings with their course leader to represent student voice on their course.

Employability Award

As a course rep, did you know that you can use this experience towards your Gloucestershire Employability Award? With three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, the Award is your chance to achieve recognition for your extra-curricular activities and prove to employers that you are proactive about your career development. The fact that you’ve decided you want to represent your course is a great way to make yourself stand out – and this experience will allow you to perfect skills that employers are always looking for. Course reps who have done the Gloucestershire Employability Award told us they had improved and were able to demonstrated their:

  • communication skills (through talking to new people in committees and open days, and when representing the summarising the views of other students)
  • organisational skills (time management around your studies and other commitments is key)
  • willingness to take on additional responsibilities (after all, not every student decides to become a Student Rep…)

Don’t miss the opportunity to take your skills and confidence to the next level with the Bronze, Silver and Gold Employability Award 

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